A film to tell the story...

Betsy comes "home"

When Douglas Nareau found out Betsy was coming home to the Capay Valley to research and write about her roots here, he wrote her a song--which he sang for her the first time at a small party of old friends in Hungry Hollow. This film premiers the song as her friends enjoy a song--that is really 

about all of them! Our hearts are at "home" in this amazing place!

Betsy attended the Capay School, just like her grandmother did 70 years earlier. When the school districts were unified, the Capay Valley and Hungry Hollow kids were bussed into the "big town" of Esparto to complete elementary school and where the valley kids had been graduating from high school for generations. Esparto High School is the second oldest high school in Yolo County after Winters High. Graduating in 1971, Betsy left home for college and reclaimed her given name, Elizabeth...but after taking early retirement from the teaching field to come home to research and write, the valley locals turned her right back into Betsy--and she is fine with that! It is good to be home!

about the author:

Hello, Capay Valley--it is good to be “home”! I am a fourth-fifth generation Capay Valley-Hungry Hollow girl and I’m beyond delighted to have finally come home to roost—and to re-acquaint myself with ​this beautiful and special area I have always called “home.”  When I came back to the area recently to research and write about my own family history, I found such a wealth of intriguing history--and support and enthusiasm--that I decided to share it with the public as I collected it through a full-color, 24-page, quarterly journal. To support this work, I started the non-profit The Greater Capay Valley Historical Society with other enthusiastic locals to sell subscriptions to the journal series, devoted to that area we call the greater Capay Valley, including the nearest towns and areas like Hungry Hollow to the north of Capay. We also have a Facebook business page under The Greater Capay Valley Historical Society.

It has been a amazing journey this last 5 years! I came to find my own "roots" and ended up taking the journey of discovery with so many others--I feel so very blessed! So now I am compiling the 18 volumes into a hardcover book of about 400 pages: "The History and Stories of the Capay Valley,"  reaching back into the mid-1800s, but focusing primarily on our last 100 years together--because my readers and I are the history of the Capay Valley!

I will publish the book by January 2015 and then take a break from the journals for at least a year to focus on finishing two other books I have started:

"The Birds of Capay Vally," due out February 2015 and

"Monroe for Sheriff; 60 Consecutive Years Serving Yolo County, 1911-1971" about my grandfather "Sunny Jim" Monroe and my eldest uncle Forrest D. Monroe, who served as Yolo County sheriff for 60 years and left a memoir and copious sheriff department scrapbooks and news-clippings that tell a fascinating tale--many of them Wild West Tales! I hope to have it published by the summer of 2015.

I then have some short stories I am working on and would like to polish up for a book release--all about the Capay Valley, of course!!