black History / multi-cultural day 

Celebrated in Guinda the 2nd Saturday of February

Capay Valley's African-American pioneer history began in the 1860s and is covered extensively in many of our quarterly Journal volumes published to date. Find links to our coverage below, organized by volume #.

capay valley has a history of inclusion

Never a "slave state," California also did not encourage Blacks to settle here--but things were different in the Capay Valley. Once early Blacks like the Green Berry Logans in Guinda and Basil Campbell north of Esparto were able to settle and begin farming, their families grew and others followed them west. Our schools were never segregated, as can be seen in the early pictures taken at the many 1-to-2-room country schools in the area. 

Learn about our unique, inclusive history by attending Black History/Multi-Cultural Day the 2nd Saturday in February at the historic Guinda Grange Hall and by reading the following articles:

more to follow--including videos of the Celebration and of local Black historian William Petty, Capay Valley descendant...