history & Stories - the many People & places of
the capay valley

The greater Capay Valley's rich history is embodied by its people and places - landmarks and families with stories to tell.

To share it with you, we've compiled and collected our Greater Capay Valley Historical Society Journal articles and turned them into PDFs for easy browsing - find them below.

Capay Valley History - journal Articles

More Valley History

Find Your Family

In Find Your Family, you'll find coverage of Valley families - including videos and photos if available.

Almond Festival History

Capay Valley's Almond Festival - celebrating 100 Years in 2015 - is held the last Sunday in February. Learn about the Almond Festival's history and read past Journal coverage.

Black History/Multi-cultural Day

Learn more about Capay Valley's African-American pioneer history, which began in the 1860s and is covered extensively in many of our quarterly Journal volumes published to date. Black History Day is celebrated the 2nd Saturday in February in Guinda.

Capay Valley Historical Points of interest - A Driving Tour

Enjoy a virtual driving tour that points out Capay Valley's historical points of interest.

Contributed Stories

We love a good story - don't you? Thanks to our contributors, we've collected a variety of local stories and poems that help bring our beautiful region to life.