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Book Three:    "Monroe for Sheriff ;

60 Consecutive Years Serving Yolo County, 1911-1971" 

by Elizabeth Monroe

Elizabeth "Betsy" Monroe is a 5th generation Capay Valley descendant of early Scottish pioneer families: Duncan, Monroe, Franklin, Campbell.

Her grandfather James William Monroe, born in Buckeye near today's Winters, married her grandmother Elvira Grey Duncan of Hungry Hollow-Capay Valley in April 1902.

They would ranch/farm her family's historic land in Capay Valley and he would also become first a county supervisor for 2 years and then Yolo County Sheriff for 28 years, followed by their eldest son, Forrest Duncan Monroe for the next 32 years.

The Sheriffs Monroe left a memoir and extensive scrapbooks and news articles covering their interesting 60 years serving Yolo County and Betsy has turned it into a book!

Excerpts of their tenure in office include outlaws, gunfights, murder and bootlegging busts in the Capay Valley--some of which can be read in the journal article samples below.

Book Three - Sample Content from Journal Articles