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In addition to writing about the Capay Valley, Elizabeth "Betsy" Monroe custom-makes family-history videos; her motto is:

Your life is an opera, you just don't realize it until you see it on the stage/in film--so live life Grand! 

family history videos - Your Life as film

Capture your cherished memories on film with a custom-made video created just for you!

Betsy takes your family stories, history and photos--and video clips if you like--and merges them with the music you like and gives you back your life as film!

Family Celebration Videos

Great for family celebrations of all kinds - Betsy will also create videos for events like baby showers and weddings, of course--but far less expensively than that hired professional you are considering! And if you didn't hire one, but have a collection of video clips and photos you know you will never pull together into the film they deserve, she will do it for you!

Don't leave them in a box in the closet--turn them into a grand keep-sake!

Life Stories, Tributes & Memorial Videos

Is Granny getting old and threatening to take her life's stories to the grave?! Don't let that happen and live to regret it--and cheat your kids and grandkids of her glorious life! 

Betsy will happily come interview her and scan any photos she has and put it all into a precious film. She has done this for several Valley pioneer descendants in their 80-90-100s, who were able to enjoy their own life as film (what a precious gift to them!) and then their families were able to enjoy the films after they passed on--often using the film in their Celebration-of-Life service.

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To Order a custom-made video, please fill out the form below.

Most videos are between $250-$1000 depending on length and whether Betsy shoots video footage and scans photos or just receives these from you and arranges it as a video, set to the music of your choice.